Chuck Wagon, 1:12 Classic Scale - Handcrafted for Showing

Curtis Anderson

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This amazing piece is as much artwork as it is a great vehicle for showing! We've never had anything like it, but we hope to continue seeing the work of this artist.  There are very few model wagonsmiths working in the world these days, so we're honored to be able to offer Curt's very first piece built to be sold.  Future pieces are expected to sell for much more due to the detailed construction and quality materials he uses, so here's your opportunity to own his first sales piece at a special price to help us get his name known in the model horse world!

This chuck wagon is crafted to be a replica of the wagons used in and around 1882 in the western US.  The details are incredible, right down to drawers in the pantry that open and a box with hinged lid on the side for storing tools or valuables.  A hinged table opens on the opposite side which could be used for holding a washing-up bowl and soap.  Cook expects the cowboys to clean up before dinner!  The body is made of hardwood, the side door and rear table open on hinges, three drawers in the pantry and one on the back (which, when open, helps support the table) also open.  The wheels, which were custom made for this piece by the artist on his 3D printer, turn easily via actual ball bearings, and the front wheels steer.  The driver's seat is supported by metal thorough springs.  No detail was left out, and it took the wagonsmith, Mr. Curtis Anderson of Oregon, over 80 hours to build.

The piece depicts the chuck wagon in use on a sunny day, when the cook would remove the canvas cover to let the breeze in.  The canvas is rolled down and secured to one side.  (It is merely a prop and should remain tied in this position.)  You can make an amazing display with this piece that is museum-worthy!  Or, you can take it to shows - The hoops that hold the canvas easily slide out of the "iron" brackets and the table on the rear folds up and latches for safer transport.  The tongue has also been detached for transport and can be attached on arrival with glue.  While this is made to be shown or displayed, it is a piece designed for adult display, not a toy.

Outfitting your rig is half the fun, so we asked Curt to only include a few props to inspire you to get started, and leave the rest to you.  Horses and harnesses are not included - They were added to a photo to show scale.  The team used in the photo is a pair of Traditional Haflingers.  The wagon is designed for use with Classic-scale models, but these ponies look like suitable draft horses with it as well.  We'll leave you to choose your own team for the wagon and stock it with food, tools and supplies, just as if you were preparing for a long journey across the desolate landscape of the American Great Plains in 1882.

What you get: 

  • Chuck Wagon, 1:12 scale
  • Flour bag with wooden scoop.
  • Sugar container
  • Wooden barrel for water
  • Scale newspaper, bought at the general store while gathering provisions
  • Bundle of firewood to start your cooking fire and keep warm on chilly evenings
  • Custom-printed sign saying "1882 Chuck Wagon" suitable for display or to accompany your show entry.


The final photos included show this wagon's twin, which Curt is keeping in his own museum display.  They show how he has outfitted his with accessories, many from miniature/dollhouse stores, which help tell the wagon's story.  We hope they inspire you with ideas to provision your wagon and create a stunning display that will wow everyone who sees it!

Shipping weight is set at 8 pounds due to the hardwood vehicle and extra packaging we'll use to insure its safety en route to you.


Size:  Classic