Devon English Hunt Seat Tack Set w/ Bridle and Martingale

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This neat set was put together from different Breyer releases that were designed to complement each other.  It includes a brown leather Devon hunt seat saddle is designed for close contact riding and jumping, with an adjustable girth and is designed to fit most Traditional sized models; Hunter / Jumper Bridle made of brown leather to match the saddle with snaffle bit, standing martingale also made of matching real leather, and a quilted saddle pad with blue trim and Breyer logos.

It is used and shows some wear...  Most notably the girth has lost its luster and the Breyer logos on the pad have lost much of their color, but everything is intact and functional. Bridle and standing martingale are like new.  It's a great set for a young person learning to tack up their horse or take him on adventures, but could also be used in photo shows.


[Horse not included.]


Fits most Traditional models.

Breyer Model #2464(saddle), #2454 (bridle) + #1383 (martingale and saddle pad)