Walking Hereford - No Mold Mark


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The Walking Hereford Bull was made beginning somewhere between 1955 & 1997 (no records show his start date definitively).  Originally produced with no mold mark, the Breyer logo and then USA marks were later added.  He is a chestnut and white bull, varying in color from reddish brown to dark brown, with shaded horns.

This guy is Near Mint with one tiny horn tip rub.  He shows mild yellowing on his lower legs and tail tuft and moderate yellowing under his belly.  He displays beautifully, so you could sunbathe him to brighten him up, or leave him as he is.  He features a very dark body color, round irises and nostril shading.  This is an early fellow with no mold mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #71