LEGO!!! Yes, We're That Excited!

We are super excited to announce that Triple Mountain is now carrying LEGO!

Lots of model horse collectors are also fans of LEGO or have family and friends who are, so it's a great fit for us.  We'll be carrying a few sets for young builders, but many of our sets will be designed for Adult Fans of LEGO.   LEGO collectors and model horse collectors have a lot in common:

LEGO collectors enjoy the challenge of building a new set and then many of them put their set on display, just like model horse collectors do with our models. 

There are LEGO building events, too, similar to model horse shows. 

People often start collecting sets as kids, then go through what LEGO fans call their "Dark Ages," a period of time when they stop collecting, and maybe even regrettably sell their collection, before rediscovering the hobby as adults.

Also like model horses, LEGOs are timeless. They are enjoyed by all ages, and are often passed down generation to generation with pride.


LEGO has some incredible sets for adults, including collectible Star Wars and Marvel franchises, plus iconic architecture and dream vehicles.  One some of the most technical builds, you even build the engine and transmission and can see it move when you change gears!

LEGO Ferrari at Triple Mountain


We're starting with a great selection and will be adding new releases as LEGO adds more to their line.

 View all of our LEGO items here!

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