New Breyer Farms Product Line Review

The new "Breyer Farms" sets have arrived, and we know a lot of you are waiting anxiously to hear more about them.  Folks who pre-ordered the carry barns know about all the craziness that has been going on with them... Breyer changed the promotional images on the blue barn at least three times, swapping out models each time with no explanation.  On the pink Unicorn Magic barn, they eventually removed all photos showing the models, leaving everyone wondering what was going on!

Okay, now that we have hands on them, we can solve the mystery and give you our review of this new product line from Breyer.  The most important thing to note is that Breyer is making Breyer Farms a TOY line, not a collectibles line.  This is going to be confusing, because they're using regular Stablemates molds, but as you'll see, they're not what you'd normally expect.

Without further suspense, here are photos of the new Wood Carry Stables and the models that come with them:

The stables are approximately 11" long by 5.5" deep and tall.  They come shrink-wrapped.

Breyer Farms Unicorn Magic Wood Carry Stable

Here are the unicorns, freed from their confinement:

Breyer Farms Unicorn Magic Carry Stable models


And the Horse Stable:

Breyer Farms Wood Carry Stable

with its horses:

Breyer Farms Wood Carry Stable models included

The models are made of similar plastic to regular Stablemates, but the paint jobs are definitely geared to being toys rather than models you'd show.  They are made of body-color plastic, with very basic mane, tail, and hoof paint, and black dots for eyes. 

The barns, on the other hand, are sturdy and well-made.  The hinged doors close with an elastic cord that loops over a large bead... Remember the old loop-and-bead pony tail ties?  These are similar, and hold the doors tightly closed.  The models are packed in the stables with their feet popped through a cardboard holder and a plastic shield over their heads, so they stay safely standing in their stalls:

Breyer Farms Wood Carry Stable at Triple Mountain

The Land Rover and Tag-Along Trailer sets are pretty neat.  They are also geared to be toy sets, so don't expect much from the models' paint jobs, but the Land Rover and trailer are quite detailed for play:

Breyer Farms Land Rover and Trailer set

The vehicle is made of plastic, but with its working doors and working ramp on the horse trailer, it will be a fun set for kids.  It is packaged on a tray box, something new for Breyer, but similar to how some Schleich sets are packaged for display.

We're currently sold out of the Unicorn Stable and Truck and Trailer set, but will have more soon, so watch for them if you have a young horse lover.  We do have a few of the blue Horse Stables still in stock as of writing this article, ready to be adopted!

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I’m trying to decide if the ASBs are worthy of joining my conga and based on these photos…nope. Yikes. I know they’re made for play, but as a kid I really appreciated how real my Breyers always looked. They were miles above in quality than any other plastic horses, and always my favorites because of that.


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