Triple Mountain is pleased to be able to offer you equine models from CollectA.  We had never heard of CollectA until a collector exclaimed over their realism in a forum post.  Looking deeper, we discovered that CollectA's entire horse line was sculpted by California equine artist Deborah McDermott.  Her resins sell for hundreds of dollars, and her attention to detail makes her a great sculptor for this international line.

By using a horse sculptor instead of a toy sculptor, CollectA has insured a high degree of realism.  The positions she chooses for each sculpt highlight the breed's characteristics and personality, and she even manages to lightly add haircoat details without them overpowering the model.  You are going to love these sculpts!


Models range in size from just a couple of inches tall for some foals to full 1:12 scale which falls somewhere between Breyer's Traditional and Classic sizes.  Breyer Classics are advertised as 1:12 scale, but the CollectA Arabian Stallion is larger than most Breyer Classics.  Many are between Paddock Pal and Classic size.  Each item page lists its size (as length x height).  They pack way more detailing into this size sculpt than any other brand I've seen.

CollectA's Models are made of a high quality PVC plastic that's a little more forgiving than other major brands.  Legs have a very slight "give" to them, rather than being brittle.  This, along with their incredible price-point, make them great for play as well as for collectors.  They're also solid or nearly solid, rather than hollow, adding additional strength to the sculpts.  These guys are much heavier than Breyer or Stone models of comparable size: the gentle Shire Mare, who stands just under 5" tall, weighs in at over half a pound!  Their paint jobs seem to be just as durable as the molds, and while they may not be quite up to Breyer levels, they're very good, often with layers of shading.

 CollectA models are well-suited to customization, too!  Whether you're an established artist looking for some new sculpts to work from or an aspiring artist who doesn't want to spend $50 for a Breyer to experiment on, CollectAs are a great option.  With pricepoints between $8 and $25, they're economical and great to work with.  Below is a photo of a custom by Ilona Himmelmann from Germany.  She replaced the mane and tail on this model and customized him to a braided grey Appaloosa.  What a beauty!

(See more of Ilona's work at


Most of this line is shipped without boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap.  A few of the 1:12 scale models come in window boxes. Just as with new Breyer models, new CollectAs are sold uninspected, just as they come from the factory, so there will be no inspection reports in their listings.

We're excited to offer you this fabulous line of models, and know you're going to love them as much as we do!



[All photos by CollectaA, except custom Appy by Ilona Himmelmann.  All photos used with permission.]