Cantering Welsh Pony, Seal Bay

Cantering Welsh Pony, Seal Bay


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This dark bay pony was only produced from 1971-1974!  She sports four socks and an airbrushed bald face with blue ribbons.  She is one of the hardest releases to find on this mold, and really pretty.

This sweet girl is Near Mint with tiny eartip, tail tip, and hoof edge rubs.  Beyond that, she has a pinpoint rub on her right knee, and if you really hunt, you may find another pinpoint missed spot or two, but she's really lovely.  She also shows just slight age yellowing. She features a super matte finish with only a few tiny shiny areas, soft highlights, and unglossed eyes.  She is from Eleda's personal collection, and will come with a collection card for provenance. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #106

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