Smoky the Cowhorse Gift Set - w/ Box and Book!

Smoky the Cowhorse Gift Set - w/ Box and Book!


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Made as a portrait of the main character in Will James Newbery Award-winning book called Smoky The Cowhorse, this spirited sculpt by Chris Hess really captures the essence of the horse in the book.  The book tells a tale of the life of a grey Mustang, born wild, who is captured by a kind man and trained to work cattle.  Black Beauty style, the horse then goes on to have many adventures, some good, some terrible, until he is happily reunited with his first owner at the book's conclusion.  This gift set was only made from 1981-1985.  It includes the horse and a paperback copy of the book.

This fellow is Near Mint with a tiny rub on his chest and another under his right jaw.  Both are in weird enough places that I'd assume they're actually factory unpainted spots, where a bit of something was lying on the model when it was painted, and then it detached, leaving a blank spot.  Both are tiny and don't detract from this lovely set's display-ability. He is from early in production, as he sports four socks.  (Later models only had one hind sock.)

He comes with the original softcover book Smoky by Will James, and with his original cardboard box that was specially printed for the Gift Set.  Box is in Excellent condition with with one corner seam split, one partial split and the usual wear.... Pretty darn good considering the weight of a book and horse moving around inside it with no packing material when it was made!  Given the short run time of this set and the fact it is around 40 years old, you may never see another complete one. Don't hesitate or someone else will grab it!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #2090

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