Western Horse, Black Pinto w/Reins

Western Horse, Black Pinto w/Reins


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Breyer's Western Horse was available in black pinto only from 1954-1973.  Being so long retired, finding one in good condition for your collection can be a challenge.  He wears rounded white pinto markings in the same pattern that he shares with the chestnut pinto release, four socks, white mane, black tail with a white tip, and airbrushed bald face.  They saw some changes during their run, mainly to their saddles, which went from high-rivet snap saddles to low-rivet snap saddles, to slip-on saddles, during their time.  When a saddle is present, it can help date the model.

This guy is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with a tiny rub on his left shoulder, eartip and hoof edge rubs, a few tiny brownish marks that will probably clean off with a bath, and mild yellowing that you can reverse by sunbathing him for a week or two.  The gold accents on his molded-on tack are about 90% intact and his reins are still shiny.  No mold marks.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #55

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