Let's Get You Registered! - Exhibitor Number and Tags

Okay, we've talked about the show... Now it's time to get you ready for the show!  First, you're going to need an exhibitor number.  Then you'll need to let Eleda know you're coming.  Finally, we'll show you how to easily make your show horse list and foot tags!

We're using the Region X system because they have a fabulous program that helps you keep track of your horses and print tags for them easily.  It will also help us post show results AND you'll start earning points toward Region X awards!  It may seem like a little bit of work, but most of this you'll only have to do your first time and never again.


1) To request your exhibitor number, go to: 


Fill out the request form and wait for an email to come with a link that will take you to the sign-up form where your number will be assigned. 

After you click to send that information, there's one more step:  you'll get an email to confirm your signup, and once you click that, you'll be done and able to log into the Region X site!  [If you don't receive an email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.]

You'll only need to do this once - The number you're assigned will be your Region X exhibitor number for any shows you attend in New England. Yay!


2) Let Eleda know you're coming:

Email eleda@triplemountain.com to confirm you'll be showing with us.  Space is limited, so registrants will be taken until space is full. Please confirm early!   Deadline for registration is April 20th (unless spaces fill up earlier.)


3) Making Your Horse List

Now that you have your exhibitor number, you can put together your horse list.  This is needed to allow your horse to earn points in Region X, and it will allow you to print all your tags with the touch of a button. The easiest way is to use the Tag Manager on the Region X website.  Add each horse's information (horse's age is optional in our region, so you can skip it), and assign each a number.  You can start with horse #001, then #002, etc.  These will be their numbers as long as you own them.

Here is part of Jill O'Connor's Horse List as an example. 


When you've got all your horses listed with this information, you'll need to print a copy of your Horse List to give to the Show Host on show day.

You can also make your list manually, but we'll be using the website's system to post the show results, so Eleda will need to input your information into the system.  There will be a $5 fee for this, and you'll need to get your list and fee to Eleda before 4/20.  The format needs to be the same as above.  You can email it to eleda@triplemountain.com (and pay the fee by PayPal to the same address) or mail the list and a check to: Triple Mountain, 28 Nature's Way, Hiram, ME 04041, Attn: Eleda - Horse List.   Please include an email address or number she can text with questions.  Eleda is not responsible for typos if she enters the horses for you.


4) Tagging


Tagging your models is an extremely important way to provide information for the judge about your model, tracks your horses so they don’t get lost, and keeps your show string neat and organized! 

Region X has a universal way of tagging models.  This insures that the judge has all the same information in the same place on each tag to make her job easy.  We require stringed tags attached to a horse's leg so that they can't get blown off the table by an errant breeze.  This also makes keeping them with your horse super easy, so you can use the same tag at each show without having to make new ones!


To use the website to print your tags, you can use address label sheets in your printer and then just stick them onto your tags, or you can print on regular paper and glue them to your tags.  With your horse list already created on the website, all you have to do is click on Print Tags!


The tags are designed to print on standard 1"x2-5/8" (1"x2.625") address labels. The labels will can be folded in half over a 1-3/4"x1-3/32" (1.75"x1.09") string tag. You can buy these at any office supply store.  Here are some Avery item numbers to make ordering them easy:


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to display and print your tags. You probably already have Adobe Reader installed, if not, you can download it for free from Adobe.com.



You can also make your tags without the website if you like:

So, what should you put on a tag? It’s for identification and informative purposes. It requires some information about your horse, and should be as easy to read as possible.


On the front of the tag, you should put your horse’s breed, gender, finish (whether they are Original Finish "OF", Custom "C", or Artist Resin "AR"), age (which is optional), and ID in the same locations you see in the image below.

The back of the tag should have your name and the horse’s name.  You don't need to add the Region X logo.


The ID number is what the judge will write down when she lists her winners, so that's super important, and generally written in larger print.


What is an ID number? It includes your three digit exhibitor number, which will be given to you upon entrance to the show, and a three digit number you give to your horse.

For example, if your exhibitor number is 001, your ID number would look like 001-101 if the number you issued to your horse was 101. The next horse’s ID could be 001-102, and so on.  If you can't get to the Region X site to get a number, Eleda will get one assigned for you when you send her the horse list.  You'll need to have that number for your tags.


Your horse's tag needs to be attached to one front leg so that it sits flat on the table with the ID number side facing up.


Although it may seem complicated, tagging is an important process that will help out both you and the judge inspecting your model. Good luck! We hope to see you there! :)




A big thank-you goes out to Maddie Hurley for her help writing this article!


Another big thank-you goes to Jill O'Connor for getting us the information we needed to bring this all together!

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