2017 New Releases and Other News!

Wow, it has been a crazy week here!  Pictures and price lists coming in, models going out, price changes, CollectA's change to Breyer distribution, the announcement of 2017 Holiday items, and of course, the Flagship Model.  Whew! 

Here's everything you need to know about the new items and changes, all in one place:


2017 Flagship Model

This year's Flagship Model is called Beachcomber.  She is a lovely warm sorrel pinto on the Connemara (Croix) mold, and she's creating quite a stir, if my inbox is any indication!   We hope to have them online by the evening of 12/23, so please keep checking.  Dealers are strictly limited to 24 models, they always go fast. They're expected to arrive here in April or May.  Here she is:

Beachcomber - 2017 Flagship Model


2017 New Releases

What a great year it is to be a model horse collector! Breyer is giving us first-ever regular runs on three new molds, a new Barrel Racing Tack set, and unpainted Stablemates to customize... including farm animals!  Here are just some of the highlights.  To view and purchase the new releases, click here.

 Fantasia Del C and Gozosa CSC, Andalusians
Paint Me A Pepto, champion Working Cow Horse
Breyer Starry Night decorator Starry Night, decorator on the Classic Morgan Mare
Hwin, Dapple Grey Mustang Mare
Bandera, Coppery Decorator with ranch brands on Geronimo
Espresso, Appy 1:6 Scale Foal
Barrel Racing Tack set with lots of flash
Horse Crazy SM-scale Stable w/ SM Standing TB
Paint Your Own Farm set w/ paints included


Also, you can see the full list of models that are discontinued as of the end of 2016 in my earlier blog post here.


2017 Holiday Items

Next year's holiday items are also now available for pre-order.  Most retailers only order a few of each, so we recommend that you pre-order now to insure you don't miss out.  2017's Holiday Horse is Winter Wonderland, a gorgeous palomino on the Totilas mold (Totilas himself has been discontinued for 2017), decorated in holiday costume and carrying two owls!  What an elegant display he'll make in your home!

Winter Wonderland - 2017 Holiday Horse

He is accompanied by a variety of ornaments this year, including his matching Stirrup ornament, the next in the Beautiful Breeds series (A trotting chestnut Morgan), a new blown glass signature ornament by Sheryl Leisure, and more!  They can all be seen and pre-ordered in the New Releases section of our site.


Captain, Nutcracker Ornament


Price Changes

With a new year comes price changes, mandated by Breyer.  Don't groan yet, though... It's mostly good news.  2016 new releases have been reduced to "regular" pricing, so if there's anyone you missed getting last year, this is your chance.  A few items have gone up, but not many, and not by much.


New CollectAs

This is the news that took the collecting world by storm:  Reeves has taken over distribution of CollectA models in the US.  I'll stop short of saying, "I told you so," but most of you will remember how highly I was praising the CollectA line last year, which was our first year carrying them.  Their sculpts are really great, their paint jobs (and the models themselves) hold up really well to play (...and falls... Trust me on that!), and they carry breeds that Breyer never has.  It was no big surprise to us that Breyer would want to market these as their own.  If you haven't added any to your collection yet, I really think you'll enjoy them!

CollectAs are scaled smaller than Classics and larger than Stablemates.  They neatly fill the gap left when Breyer discontinued their Little Bits / Paddock Pals line a few years ago.  Instead of the usual Breyer plastic, they are made of vinyl, which not only holds detail incredibly, but has a little "give," so there's a lesser chance of broken ears or legs.

As a bonus, we're getting some new CollectA sculpts this year, including a Black Forest Horse and a British Spotted Pony among them.  You're going to love them!

Breyer by CollectA Black Forest Stallion


2016 year In Review

From opening our first physical retail shop to handling our 2000th model, It's been an amazing year here at Triple Mountain, and it's all thanks to you!  We sold over 1,000 models in 2016, shipping them all around the world to collectors in places including Russia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Australia, and Japan, and of course, to all over the United States.  <waves to all of you>

We revamped our popular "Hold Your Horses" program to make using it less confusing for new customers, and that has been a big success.  To-date, the program has collectively - no pun intended - saved our customers well over $1000 in shipping costs!

We were gifted a Copperfox Special Event Model Bertie straight from Becky at Copperfox to give away to a lucky customer.  That drawing will occur on or around January First.  Every order between September 1 and December 31 equals an entry.  Good luck to everyone!

Copperfox Bertie Welsh Pony giveaway at Triple Mountain

Bertie is eagerly waiting to find out where his new home will be!


Looking ahead to 2017, we've got more great things in store:

Customizer's Weekend (1/20-1/22/17) will encourage your creativity by putting body quality models on sale, and all the new inventory listing on 1/20 will be body quality as well.  It's cold outside, so get out those paint brushes and have some indoor fun!

New inventory will continue to go live weekly as long as our awesome consignors have models to send.  We owe a great deal of thanks to them for the incredible variety we can bring you week after week!  Three cheers for our consignors!

We have other great plans in the works, too, but I can't reveal everything all at once!  Check in with us often, "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and we'll keep you updated on all the new releases and special events here at Triple Mountain.

From our families to yours, we wish you all very Happy Holidays and a happy and prosperous 2017!

~ Eleda


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