Breyer Announces Virtual Fun Day October 17th!

Get ready for some model horse fun!

In this crazy year of canceled events, we have some exciting news.  Breyer has announced a virtual Fun Day on October 17th!  Details are still being planned, so stay tuned to our blog and to Breyer's website and Facebook page, but here's what we know so far:

No ticket will be required!  You can participate for free!  The day is designed to encourage creativity with model horses, just as in-person Fun Days are.  Breyer intends to post on-demand videos of several model horse artists, crafting experts, and social media influencers that day for you to enjoy and learn from in your own home.  Learn to improve your painting skills, get crafting ideas, and more!

To make this even more fun, Triple Mountain is supporting Breyer's virtual Fun Day by offering FREE 70th Anniversary Fun Day Stablemate painting kits, while supplies last.  With a $20+ order, you can get a free kit that includes a random whiteware Stablemate, a special 70th Anniversary SM blanket, a paintbrush, brochure, participation ribbon, and random, high-quality Breyer decal. 

With a $40+ order you can get two (if you want), and with a $60+ order, you can get three.  You can also purchase just the kit for $10+shipping.  Limit 3 kits per customer (total, including both free and purchased kits) so more people can participate.  Available while supplies last.  Order must be fully paid and shipped between 9/6 and 10/10/2020.  See item page for details and how to order.


So gather some paints, get your SM Fun Day kit, and get ready for a fun, free, Fun Day from Breyer!

  Click here to learn how to order your Fun Day kit  


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How cool! I did not get to do breyerfest bc of vacation, so I hope I can do this Fun Day!


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