Brochures - A Horse Lover's "Second" Collection

Most of us model horse collectors have a "second collection" of Breyer ephemera, which are printed items that go along with our models.  These include Certificates of Authenticity for some models, plus bio cards, Breyerfest programs, buttons and box brochures.  This is a fun side collection which you can display with your models or keep in binders with sheet protectors or in labeled folders.  They serve as a neat way to look back on what was going on when a particular model was made.


Breyer brochures and catalogs at Triple Mountain


Box brochures are particularly fun in that aspect!  You can find out what other models were released the same year as your favorite model or, for collectors around 52 or younger, you may even enjoy seeing what Breyer was making the year you were born!  (The oldest printed brochure we've seen was from 1968, posted on IDYB, although there are promotional ads that go all the way back to Breyer's beginning in the 1950s.)

The further back you go, the more expensive and harder to find they become, making it a treasure hunt.  Catalogs from the 1970s can run around $30 if in Near Mint condition!  However, recent brochures are usually easy to acquire and inexpensive, running around $1.25 on our site, so it's easy to start your collection and then fill in older ones later on.

1997 Breyre Dealer Catalog

[1997 Breyer Dealer Catalog]


If you get an opportunity to pick up a Breyer Dealer Catalog, that can be a great addition to your collection as well.  Until very recently, Breyer didn't allow dealers to order "extras" of these, so each dealer only received one.  Most of those were undoubtedly thrown out by retailers who didn't think anyone would want them, so when you come across one, it's a great find. 

Other brands also put out catalogs and brochures which are just as collectible for owners of those brands of models, such as Peter Stone, Julip, Schleich and Hartland.


1994 Hartland Model Horses brochure
[1994 Hartland Brochure]



 You can find all the brochures and dealer catalogs we have in stock anytime right here, along with buttons and other ephemera.


It's a fun "collection-to-go-with-your collection!"  Enjoy the treasure hunt!

We'd love to hear in the Comments section how many years you have in your brochure collection.


~ Eleda

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