Fundraiser for our Fellow Mainers

In light of the horrific event in Lewiston, Maine, on October 25th (which I won't go into detail about here), Triple Mountain will be sending 25% of our total sales dollars to's Lewiston Victims Fund.

VictimsFirst is a national non-profit created by survivors and families of mass shootings over the last several years.  While we've always supported their work, we never expected their services to be needed in our rural state. 

100% of the money raised in their GoFundMe Lewiston Victims Fund will go to help families with costs associated with this event.  If you would like to donate to them directly, the fundraiser is here:  Lewiston Victims Fundraiser  .

Also, any purchases you make on Triple Mountain now through November 2nd will benefit the fund, as we'll give 25% of your purchase price to the fundraiser.

If your family was directly affected by this horrific event, our hearts are with you.  We encourage you to apply for financial assistance at  - They can help with medical bills, transportation costs, utilities, and sadly, burial expenses, if needed.  PLEASE, I know Mainers hate to ask for assistance, but it is your neighbors and fellow Mainers wanting to help that are offering this money, as well as people from around the world.  Please go to their site and fill out the simple application so that the expenses caused by this event don't have to add to your emotional burden.

Lewiston Victims Fund by

Daily donations we have posted to the Fund to-date, thanks to your purchases:
$105 on Oct 28th.
$129 on Oct 29th.
$221 on Oct 30th.
$48 on Oct 31st.
$179 on Nov. 1st.
$262 on Nov. 2nd.
$133 on Nov. 3rd.
Total: $1077 - Thank you, everyone.
We will continue to donate daily for sales through the end-of-day Nov 2nd.

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