Horsen' Around The World Comes to Triple Mountain!

In case you missed it, there's a Breyer Proud Arabian Mare, nicknamed Pammy, who's traveling all over the place, gathering stories, and decorations, along the way.  This fun project was begun by Julia in Massachusetts, USA, in August of 2015.  Folks signed up to take part at that time, and stop by stop, Pammy has moved around, suddenly appearing on collectors' doorsteps... even once being handed off at BreyerFest!  At each stop, the collector takes her on a little tour of their area, posts pictures of her visiting, and then gives her a little decoration (some call them tatoos) to commemorate her visit.  Then, it's off in the mail and on to a new adventure!

Horse'n Around the World Breyer PAM at Triple Mountain closeup

Pammy, the traveling Arabian!


The neatest aspect of this traveling mare is that once all of her available spots are filled with decorations, whoever receives her will keep her.  She's being decorated and sent with the goodwill of all the collectors along the way, so she's a really special gal.

Pammy arrived at Triple Mountain just before Christmas.  She is currently in residence here as our "guest star" at the store until she gets her decoration and heads out again.  We encourage you to come see her and take photos with her if you like!  She won't be here long, and you could say you were part of her adventures. 

Here she is, just after she arrived, regaling the other models with tales of her travels.  Look at how raptly the guys in the glass case are paying attention!  They know they'll be heading off to new homes soon, so they're eager to hear what they may find on their own adventures.

Horse'n Around the World Breyer PAM at Triple Mountain


She has a place of honor while she's here, looking out over the store and proudly standing for photos with visitors.

Horse'n Around the World Breyer PAM at Triple Mountain

Once we've got all the Breyer and Copperfox new releases sorted, shipped, and shelved, we'll take her on a tour of the Maine and New Hampshire mountains, then give her her special badge of courage for surviving a Maine winter.  Then she'll travel again... So come see her before she's gone!


While it's too late to sign up for this first round of Horse'n Around the World, there are plans to do it again in the future.  Meanwhile, you can read about Pammy's adventures and see lots of photos from her travels at Model Horse Blab's Horse'n Around The World pages

(If you haven't heard of Model Horse Blab, it's a wonderful place for collectors to discuss model horses, show off pictures, ask and answer questions for each other... We love Blab!  Best of all, membership is free!  Join in the fun with Eleda and collectors around the world at

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