Identify Your Breyer Progress (Update 11/27)

We've been making a lot of progress behind the scenes on IDYB, most of which users won't "see," but that will make things work more reliably.  This weekend Curator Stephanie Michel undertook the biggest change of all - Moving everything from the old server host to a new one.

The old host it was on was causing many of the page-load errors we were all seeing.  They have proven unreliable and to have terrible customer service.  The new host has a proven track record of reliability and we should see immediate improvements in how the site responds.

We expected this to take into early this week, but Steph is a madwoman, and managed to manually back up and transfer all 83,000 files already!  Everything should be up and running properly now, happy in its new home.  If you see something that's not working, please let me know.

Next, we'll be able to start making more progress on important things like making sure the code plays well with today's browsers, and setting up email addresses so you can contact us if you find errors, etc.  We also have a nice, simple surprise coming that gives tribute to original IDYB Founder Janice Cox.

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It’s a legacy worth saving!!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


Thank you so much! Special big thanks to Steph! I’m looking forward to the updated email address so I can send photos of my rare glossy. :)

Adah Richards (Spotted Dreams Studio)

I’m so looking forward to this! Thank you, ALL of you, for putting in your time and effort to keep this important site online and accessible for all of us! 💕

Pam Nunn

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