Liberty on the Silver mold

Short version:  Yes, we're getting him - and yes, he's sold out already.


Breyer has done it again...  They've taken a color everyone hated when it was on Lady Phase, put it onto a popular mold, and made it a Limited Edition.  Who remembers Twill at Breyerfest 2013?  She was a pinto with the same "denim" crosshatching, and got horrible reviews from many collectors.  (Personally, I think she's cute, but you can still buy them for under $90 most of the time.)

Enter Liberty.  This time they did away with the pinto markings and added more of the despised crosshatching, along with some flourish designs which the ad sheet says are reminiscent of the fancy stitching on jeans.  They gave him a white mane and tail so he looks more like a Wedgwood, limited him to 3,000 pieces, and suddenly he's the hottest thing since sliced bread!  If I sound like I'm complaining, I'm really not - I bought one of the twelve we were allotted, and he'll be joining my personal herd.  It's more of a wide-eyed head-shaking.  How can this cross-hatching be so reviled on one model and beloved on another?  Well, because the "other" is Silver!  It goes to show that a popular mold will be popular in any color.  For those of us who would love a Family Stallion or Running Mare at Breyerfest, this is why they don't offer the old molds very often.  They almost never sell out, even in a beautiful color, while a modern, popular mold can cause fist fights, even if it's as ugly as the winged Silver decorator was last year.  (And yes, I paid $120 for one of those on the secondary market after Breyerfest.)   This could be why people call us collectors crazy...

So, are we getting Liberty at Triple Mountain? 

Yes.... They went up for sale on our website last night at 8:15pm and our entire allotment (Breyer is limiting them to 12 per store) sold out by 9:55pm.  That's a new record for us for a Breyer model!

I hope you were able to get yours.  We won't be starting a Wait List this time, as I doubt we'll be able to source any additional models.  If, by chance, we can, we'll post to Facebook and Twitter after they arrive, but again - No wait list this time.

It will be interesting to see what the reviews are on this guy once he's in-hand, but regardless of whether people like the color, Silver continues to be a great investment in the model field.

Oh, and don't despair... We're due to hear about mid-years soon!  Did I just hear groaning?  LOL.  You know we'll all buy them (and so does Breyer)!


Happy collecting, everyone!



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