New Schleich Arrivals!

We're adding more Schleich and CollectA animals to our lineup.  Some have just arrived, and we're waiting on more.  We're hand-picking the ones we add for realism and fun.

Why add non-horse animals?  Some people may be asking that, thinking we're being disloyal to our equine friends.  Not at all!  Horses will always have top billing here, as I'm a lifelong horse lover (aka fanatic).  However, many horse lovers also love other animals, and we've had lots of customers request additional animals.  Some collect other animals, some are looking for additions for dioramas and show class entries, and some are shopping for kids or grandkids, where one kid isn't a horse fan, but loves a different kind of animal.

Our newest arrivals include:

Hereford Cow

Schleich Hereford Cow


 Oberhasli Goat

Schleich Oberhasli Goat at Triple Mountain


Sitting Cat, Grey

Schleich Sitting Cat, Grey at Triple Mountain


Arctic Wolf

Schleich Arctic Wolf at Triple Mountain


Lion, Roaring

Schleich Roaring Lion at Triple Mountain

White Bengal Tiger

Schleich White Bengal Tiger at Triple Mountain

We've added a new horse as well, the Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion:

Schleich Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion at Triple Mountain


Recent additions include the Baby Animal Care Set:

Schleich Baby Animal Care Set at Triple Mountain


Dorset Sheep and Lamb (sold separately)

Schleich Dorset Sheep and Lamb at Triple Mountain


and even the striking Lava Dragon!

Schleich Lava Dragon at Triple Mountain


Stay tuned as more arrive - We're watching for the arrival of pigs, dogs, cattle, bears, and even another dragon!


Meanwhile, Schleich Advent Calendars are selling quickly!  We have two to choose from this year:

Horse Club Advent Calendar with a horse, foal, vet, and other animals and accessories

Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

and Farm World Advent Calendar with a horse, plus lots of animals and accessories

Schleich Farm World Advent Calendar for Animal Lovers at Triple Mountain

If you're not familiar, Advent Calendars are a fun way to build excitement for your animal lover as they wait for Christmas.  Every day in December, they get to open one numbered door to reveal one new toy to add to their set.  The last piece is revealed on Christmas Eve Day, so they have their whole set to keep them busy while they wait for Christmas morning.  It's a really fun tradition to start!

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