Five Gaiter, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR

Five Gaiter, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR


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The Five Gaiter is handsome in this bay pinto coat that he sported only for the JC Penney Holiday Catalog in 1996.  With three socks and gold-on-white ribbons, he's an eye catcher in any herd.  He was sold as part of the Gaited Breeds of America set and only 6000 were made.

He is Near Mint just slight age yellowing, which you can brighten up with a couple days of sunbathing.  He has a tiny smudge of body paint in the white area on his left forearm.  He features a speckly paint job, which gives him lovely depth of color, and neatly painted ribbons.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #710396

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