Running Mare, Bay - Variation: Mane Curl

Running Mare, Bay - Variation: Mane Curl


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Chris Hess's iconic Running Mare has enjoyed a long, storied run in the Breyer stable.  The bay was introduced between 1961-1963 and was discontinued in 1987.  Between 1983(ish) and 1993 damage to the molding tool resulted in a flattened right eye, so finding that trait can date the model.

This lady is Near Mint condition with tiny eartip rubs, faint separation dappling (common in brown Breyer paint of this era), mostly under her belly, and mild yellowing, which you can correct with a week or two of sunbathing.  She has a tiny factory goober under her paint on her left barrel.   She is an early 1970's girl, and will be in great condition after sunbathing.  She features a speckly paint job, neat mane and tail paint (check out the little curl the painter gave her at the bottom of her mane!), inner ear and muzzle pinking, and unglossed eyes with unpainted eye whites.  Crisp USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #124

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