Silver Lining - Breyer Gallery Resin - Low Serial Number

Silver Lining - Breyer Gallery Resin - Low Serial Number


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Described as a Thoroughbred / Quarter Horse-cross, he could really work as either.  This sporty fellow was sculpted by the talented Kitty Cantrell.  He wears a dapple grey coat with shaded mane and tail, and comes on a black hardwood base with a nameplate. Each came with a hand-numbered COA, in a special box with a Styrofoam insert.  They were only available through JC Penney's Holiday Catalog in 2000, and only 2000 were produced.

He is Factory Mint and absolutely gorgeous.  He features painted whites and just an overall look of quality.  He comes complete with his solid wood base with name plate, COA hand-numbered as #112/2000, full-color picture box with Styrofoam insert, and even his foam-padded shipping box!

Please note that shipping costs will reflect his shipping weight (7 pounds!) and box size.  Resins / porcelains are heavier and more fragile than plastics, and are recommended only for adult collectors.


Size:   Traditional

Manufacturer's Model #410100

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