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Greetings!  I'm Eleda, and I'm the CIC "Collector In Charge" of Triple Mountain.  I've been collecting model horses since the mid-1970's, when at age four I asked my parents for a horse and they bought me two plastic ones.  I named them Bobby and Cindy, after the youngest kids on the tv show "The Brady Bunch," which was one of my favorites at the time.  I still have Bobby and Cindy... Only now they have about 1300 friends here!  My first Breyer was a Grey Appaloosa Family Stallion I originally called Apples.  (Hey, I was five!)  I became a Breyer collector when my grandmother presented me with another model, and I discovered it was the same as Apples, only in a creamy white color.  I remember incredulously thinking, "They make them in more than one color?!?!?"  I named him Creamy, and despite the broken leg he came to me with, both he and Apples, later renamed Jazzy Angel, remain in my collection.  And yes, I still give every model a name, although with 1300 on the shelves, it's getting harder to come up with them!

I began showing models in the late 1980s.  As much fun as showing was, I decided I'd rather put my money toward more plastic ponies for my collection, so other than a have-to-do-it-once appearance at Breyerfest Open Show in 2012, I now keep my horses at home.  I do enjoy occasionally judging shows though, particularly Collectability classes.  I just love seeing other people's rare gems!

Triple Mountain Model Horses started in 2012, by a happy accident.  A good friend (the one who had been responsible for teaching me about model showing, in fact!) asked if I'd help her sell some of her collection on eBay.  We started out that way, but quickly realized that eBay fees were eating up her profits, and since we'd already begun to acquire a loyal following of customers, we set up to sell directly to collectors.  My husband had recently had a negative experience buying models for me online, so we recognized the need for a retired-Breyer dealer with great customer service and honest listing practices.  That became our mission for Triple Mountain, and is how we've grown to become one of the world's largest and most trusted sources for retired models.

People often ask why we named our business Triple Mountain.  The answer is simple:  It's what we call the mountain we live on, because it has three tops!   How we came to the Triple Mountain is a story we love to share.  If you like stories about fate, pull up a chair... *smiles*  and click here.

We try to live gently on the Triple Mountain.  We burn wood that's usually cut from trees on the mountain that have fallen or are unwell.  In the summer of 2015 we were finally able to install solar power to further live in harmony with this beautiful place that we are privileged to call home.  When we built our retail shop at the foot of the mountain in 2015, we adhered to LEED standards for sustainable building.  LEED standards are tough, but it was important to us that we do things "right" to care for the mountain.  If you are interested in LEED and how we met their stringent standards for retail, feel free to click here (this one's pretty dry reading).

Looking forward, we're excited to bring you more model horse options. Were always on the lookout for great new items for horse lovers, and recently expanded our offerings to include Hagen-Renaker and CollectA brands, plus horse-motif t-shirts and jewelry.  Custom dreamcatchers and personalized Mini-Me crocheted horses are unique to Triple Mountain.  Our little retail store on the knee of the Triple Mountain is open on Saturdays so that you can visit this special place. No matter how big we grow, though, we will always remain a family owned and operated business that values personal interactions with our customers above everything else.  We do this because we love model horses, and that passion and care for our fellow collectors makes us unique.  We're so glad you found us!

Happy collecting,



Our store is located at 14 Nature's Way in Hiram, Maine (GPS's can often find it more easily as 1351 Pequawket Trail, Hiram), right on the Hiram / Baldwin town line on Rt. 113.  It is currently open on Saturdays only, from 10am - 3pm, so that we can focus on shipping orders the rest of the week.  If you're not nearby, no worries:  We ship worldwide!