COVID Information

Online Orders Only

We are following CDC recommendations and until the virus threat has passed, or store will be closed to the public until further notice.  We have family members who are high risk for this virus, so these precautions are necessary.  

We recommend that you shop our selection online. We ship worldwide so you don’t even need to leave home to add to your herd! 

Our online orders and shipping will continue as normal.

We know pony shopping will be good for everyone during this stressful time, so we'll continue listing new models weekly at 8pm Eastern every Friday. 

Again, we will still be taking online orders and shipping them as usual so that you can enjoy a bit of pony happiness through this stressful time. We take loads of orders to the Post Office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (with changes to accommodate the weather) and do our best to insure every order ships within 48 hours of being placed on weekdays.

Be assured that we are handling all incoming models with CDC safety protocols, quarantining all incoming boxes for several days before opening them or shipping models to new homes.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy through this unprecedented situation. We look forward to seeing you once this troubling situation has passed.



COVID Precautions

During this pandemic, we are taking extreme precautions for both the safety of our family and yours.  Both of my parents, as well as Roy and I, are high risk for COVID, so we are doing everything possible to remain safe from the virus until we can all be vaccinated.

Our retail store will be closed for in-store shopping until vaccination is possible.

We are happy to allow "curbside" pickups at our store for online orders, if you're within driving distance.  If you'd like to pick up your order, choose "store pickup" at checkout, and then email Eleda with a day and time you'd like to pick up your order.  Please give us 48 hours to have your order ready.  Appointments are available any day from 10am - 4pm except Mondays.  We will be spacing out appointments, so please wait for an emailed reply with a confirmation of the time you've requested.

If coming to pick up your order, please bring a mask to wear anytime you're outside your vehicle.

Shipping to you 

For online orders that we're shipping to you, you can be sure that we've been isolating here on the mountain except for necessary trips out, and that we are taking every precaution to prevent acquiring the virus.  Incoming models have been in shipping cartons for days, so they are considered safe, but are removed from their cartons and the cartons set aside for 48 hours before we re-use them.  With no public shopping in our store currently, models that are stocked in our store are handled only by us.  The same goes for packing material - It is set aside for at least 48 hours upon receipt before we use it.

Shipping times are so far not affected (on our end).  We ship USPS on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  UPS requires a day's advance notice for pickup, so those usually ship one day later, on Tues, Thursday, or the following Monday (they don't pick up on Sat).  Once the carrier has the order, of course, we cannot guarantee arrival times, but as long as you have entered a valid email address or cell phone number, our site will send you a link to the package's tracking on the carrier's website so you can watch its progress, and may also send you an update when the package is out for delivery so that you be prepared.

Protecting Your Order

We take everyone's safety very seriously.  Models that arrive here go into quarantine for at least 48 hours before we handle them or pack them into customer orders.  We are also practicing extensive hygiene and distancing to protect each other and our customers.  Should anyone here become symptomatic, we would cease filling orders immediately until threat of contagion passes.  If that were to happen, we would post a "shipping delay" notice on the top of our website to inform customers that orders aren't being shipped.  Unless that happens, though, we will be shipping orders as usual.

When you receive your order, it will have been handled by several carriers between our door and yours.  The CDC recommends not handling cardboard and paper packages for 48 hours.  You may direct your carrier leave your package in a safe location where you can leave it without handling it for that period, or you may want to handle it with gloves on and/or sanitize your hands afterward.

Please note that many hand sanitizers can damage model paint, printed materials, etc., so make sure your hands are dry before touching your items if you have recently sanitized.

Incoming Shipments

Incoming shipments from both vendors and consignors are being quarantined at least 48 hours, unopened, throughout this period. 

Consignors:  This could affect carrier insurance damage claims, so please be aware and pack your orders safely.  if you or anyone close to you may have COVID 19, please refrain from shipping for at least 30 days after recovery (the virus has shown to be contagious for up to 37 days!) 

Once shipments come out of quarantine, they will be added to our processing queue as usual.

In-Store Shopping

We are not allowing in-store shopping at this time, but look forward to being able to re-open the store as soon as we feel safe doing so.

When we resume regular store hours, this message will be removed.

Health and safety always come first here.  Thanks for supporting our family business.  We'll continue to look out for you throughout this crazy time and beyond.