Installment Payment Plan

We offer an interest-free time payment program to help you budget for those bigger purchases!

To use the installment payment program:

  • Choose the Installments option from an item's page or from checkout.
  • Pay the 35% initial payment installment.
  • The remainder is due in two monthly payments, billed by email every 30 days.
  •  You must use the button in the emailed invoices to make your payments within 3 days of invoice send date.
  • Once the order is fully paid, we will ship the order (unless its an Advance Order item that hasn't arrived yet or if you've put the order into our Hold Program).


If you decide you'd like to pay off your order earlier, just drop us an email. We'll send you an invoice for the amount remaining so you can pay it in full. (We cannot take partial payments early, but can invoice your for full payment for the balance.)


By using our installment payment plan, you agree to the terms laid out on this page.

Monthly payments are due on their due date, and missing any payment will forfeit the items with no refund for completed payments. (This applies to order cancellations as well.) This is necessary to insure that models aren’t removed from our public site for extended periods and then not paid for, as we’re responsible to our consignors for selling their models in a timely manner. 

Please make sure you plan ahead and look for the invoices in the email account you used when you placed the installment order.  You have 3 days from the date the invoice was sent to pay it.  We are not responsible for missing email or other technical issues.  If you haven't received the invoice by email on the due date, email to have another sent.  The same deadline still applies.

If you will be away from email on the due date, you may request the invoice be sent earlier so you can pay before the due date.

Please note:  Because of the way funds are processed for installments, we're unable to create refunds for any reason, including but not limited to: customer order cancellation, shipping refunds, etc.