Wait List Information

Our allotment of Breyer Fall Releases sold out within a week of their announcement

...but we may have good news!

If you missed your opportunity to order them, we may be able to get more.  Breyer kept a strict limit on quantities to each dealer (and they sold out), so we cannot order more directly from them.  However, we have a customer who may be able to purchase some from another dealer and bring them to us to sell on consignment.

What does that mean for you?

It means you may get another chance to purchase the Breyer fall releases!  Prices would be about $20 higher than our "from the factory" price, since we'd want to make sure this customer is compensated for her trip and purchases.  See below for pricing.  (Prices do not include shipping.)

What may be available?

Breyer Glorioso Andalusian Grulla

Glorioso, on the Andalusian Stallion mold - This model is not to be sold by dealers via the internet on orders they purchased from Breyer... He can only be sold in-store, so he will be very hard to find!  Since our customer will be purchasing them in-store from a dealer, we can sell them online as consignment items.  Only 2500 will be made.  Price will be $65.95


Breyer Gold Valegro

Gold Valegro, made to commemorate Valegro's recent gold medal at the Rio Olympics - His second medal-winning Olympic performance!  Only 3000 will be made.  Price will be $69.95


What happens if I join the Wait List?

Being on the Wait List does not obligate you to purchase a model, nor does it guarantee one.  If we are able to get more of these models, we will send out an emailed invoice to everyone on the Wait List, which will include the sale price of the model and shipping to your location based on the lowest rate USPS offers to your ZIP code.  If you'd like to make the purchase, pay that invoice right away, as orders will be filled in the order we receive payment via the invoices (which run through our website's SSL-certified secure payment platform).  They can be paid by debit, credit, PayPal or Apple Pay. 

Once all models have been sold, any additional invoices that have been paid will be automatically refunded, and unpaid invoices will be canceled so that they cannot be paid.  Models will be on hand when invoices are sent out, and should ship out within 1-2 business days after payment is received.

Each mold will be invoiced and shipped separately when we receive them, since Breyer's shipping dates are staggered for these releases.  (For info on release dates, visit the model's page on our website;you can quickly visit each model's page by clicking their images above.

The Hold Program is not applicable to Wait List models unless you receive prior permission from us to add to an existing Hold Herd.  If you'd like to do that, email Eleda.

Sign me up!

If you would like to be added to the Wait List for any of these models, please click the model's image above to email us.  Be sure to include the model's name in the subject line, and your shipping name and address in the body of the email.  If you'd like to be on the Wait List for more than one model, please email us separately for each(If the link doesn't work from the images, please email the information to eleda@triplemountain.com.) 


We should know within approximately a week from when dealers receive them in New England whether we'll be able to get some, and an email will go out to everyone on the Wait List if we cannot so that you can try to source them elsewhere.  Please white-list the email addresses: horses@triplemountain.com and eleda@triplemountain.com so that you don't miss our email or invoice.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

We're thrilled that we may be able to source more of these for our customers, as we expect them to become very hard to find!


Happy collecting!