We'll Be Offline Today


Anthem and Romeo have just arrived!  We'll be away from the computer packing pre-orders to ship, so we won't be seeing emails or messages until we finish.

If you have pre-ordered one or both of these, and your order is fully paid including shipping, watch for a shipping notice soon.

If your order is on the installment plan, or if you chose Hold Your Horses at checkout, it will be placed on our Hold Shelves.  If you'd like to pay off your order, drop me an email and we'll start working on those after paid orders have shipped.

If you DIDN'T pre-order these:  Both of these models are sold out (for now).  Anthem is NOT a Limited Edition, though.  Breyer will withhold them from retailers for a while, but by fall, there will be plenty available, just as there are of Old Glory.



Have a model day,