2002 Holiday Horses - Amber & Ashley ~ Sugarplum & Peppermint - SEALED!

2002 Holiday Horses - Amber & Ashley ~ Sugarplum & Peppermint - SEALED!


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The foals are at it again!  As the 2002 Holiday Horses, Amber and Ashley teamed up as Sugarplum and Peppermint to bring a little cuteness to the season.  This adorable pair is dressed in fuzzy blue blankets, with a matching hat for Sugarplum and a scarf and earmuffs for Peppermint, to stay warm while out on their adventures.  Sugarplum pulls Peppermint along on their toboggan piled with presents, on their way to visit friends and family.


These cuties are still in their sealed box!  We opened the cardboard picture box to check, and the styrofoam insert is still factory sealed.  Picture box is Factory Mint and came to us in its own white cardboard shipping box, which we'll include as well.  What a great chance to be the first to see this adorable pair!

[Photos of out-of-box models are Triple Mountain stock images to show what the set looks like.  Your set is still factory sealed.]


Size:  Traditional

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