2023 Holiday Breyer Unicorn Ornament ~ Aldo - ADVANCE SALE

2023 Holiday Breyer Unicorn Ornament ~ Aldo - ADVANCE SALE


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This brand-new mold, which appears to be a standing Andalusian, is absolutely perfect as a unicorn.  Aldo wears a pearly white coat, with a shaded muzzle and shining white mane and tail.  He is the 6th in the series.

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store, in their sealed boxes.

Expected to arrive here in late October.  They'll ship to customers who pre-order immediately on arrival.  Retailers have to place our orders by the end of March and cannot add more after that, so we're likely to sell out.  Order now to insure you don't miss out!

Please order Holiday Items separately from other items, since they have a late October arrival.  Any other items ordered with them will be held here until the Holiday items arrive.


Breyer Model #700724

Year of Release:  2023

This is an advance sale item.  Arrival date above is estimated by manufacturer.  We cannot guarantee arrival date, but will ship them out as soon as they arrive.  You will receive a shipping notice from our website when your item ships.  If you order in-stock items on the same order, we will hold the in-stock items to ship with this item when it arrives.  If item is canceled or significantly delayed by manufacturer, we will post updates here as we hear them.  Description is taken from manufacturer's promo photos and may be subject to change at their decision.  Any changes will be posted to this page as we are notified.

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