7" Arabian Foal, Unpainted White

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This little cutie is a neat bit of Hartland history.  He is unpainted nearly-white plastic and would have been produced between 1966-1969.  Per the Fitch reference book, the Arabian Mare was made in unpainted "ivory white" and unpainted "pale taupe" plastic during this era.  She only mentions the foal being made in pale taupe, though, not in white.  Per the reference photos, this foal appears much lighter than the pale taupe, so we suspect some were also made in white, which would make sense, even though he's not specifically shown or mentioned in the book.

He is Near Mint with just three small grey dots at his left jaw area, which may clean off.  Otherwise, he has specks in his plastic as usual but no other damage seen.  He does show seam paint, which is also normal for Hartlands of this period.  He is a cutie, and appears to be one of the harder ones to find, with only one having been found on eBay in the three months prior to writing this listing.  (He does sport the Hartland mold mark inside his hind leg, so he is authentic, not a knockoff.)


Size:  7" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model # non assigned