5" Hartland Foals - QH Foal and Arabian Foal

5" Hartland Foals - QH Foal and Arabian Foal


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The Hartland 5-inch Arabian Foal was made in grey with black points from 1963-1967.  A lesser known variation has no grey body paint, so they have white bodies with black points. 

The 5" QH Foal was made in dark bay for the Sunny Acres Farm series in 1965.  He is dark brown with a black mane and tail and no white markings.

We're selling these together so that they don't get lonely!  Both are rated as body condition with areas and splatters of paint.  The brown is molded from brown plastic.


Size:  5" Series

Model # Arabian: 6002 (#4201 Durant from 1970-1973); QH: unknown

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