Action Stock Horse Foal, Bay Pinto

Action Stock Horse Foal, Bay Pinto


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The galloping Action Stock Horse Foal was only made in this bay pinto color from 1984-1988. He wears a warm body color with bold pinto markings and a solid face.

This colt is Near Mint with a pinpoint rub behind his right ear, one on his muzzle (only through the shading, not to plastic) and pinpoint eartip rubs.  He has the usual overspray specks, as well as a tiny smudge of tail paint on his rump, under the finish. He also shows slight yellowing, which should brighten up with a day or two of sunbathing.   Interestingly, his plastic seems to have a greyish tint, rather than being bright white, and it's more noticeable in certain areas, so he may be an oddity made from not-completely-white plastic.  I don't know if that will fade with sunbathing or remain as an oddity, so you can decide whether or not to sunbathe him.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #237

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