Action Stock Horse Foal, Grey Appaloosa VARIATION: Semi-Gloss


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This beautiful colt is grey with black points, an airbrushed blanket and splatter spots.  He was only made from 1984-1988, and nearly all of them were made with a matte finish.  This boy, however, is semi-gloss!  This is considered an "unusual variation" per Identify Your Breyer.  others have been discovered, but there don't appear to be many.

This colt is Near Mint with a pinpoint rub on his left neck, left upper leg, and a tiny missed spot of paint on the edge of his tail. He shows slight yellowing that you can correct with a couple of day's sunbathing.  He has no USA mold mark.  We fully vouch for this as a factory semi-gloss finish, as he comes from Eleda's personal collection, and she purchased him new.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #238