Adios ~ Amigo, 2014 Vintage Club Release


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Sculpted by Chris Hess in 1969 as a portrait of famous Standardbred Adios, this mold has since become a beautiful representation of the old-style Stock Horse, and has shown up in many colors over the years.  In 2014, it was chosen as one of the molds to be released in a special vintage color for the Vintage Collectors Club.  Only 500 were made in this stunning glossy charcoal with muzzle and ear pinking, and eye whites.  They feature the VC logo and year printed in gold on their bellies and come wearing a vintage-style blue ribbon sticker on their right shoulder.  This has become one of the most popular VC releases to date, and it's rare to find one for sale.

This handsome fellow is in Factory Mint condition with a beautiful high gloss coat, buff-colored hooves and subtle highlights.  He comes complete with all the goodies:  His original vintage-style photo box, 1969-themed pamphlet, bubble wrap and bag, and even his original shipping box (original owner's info has been blacked out for privacy).  He'll come to you as if he'd come straight from the factory, except perhaps, that he's wrapped a little better now for travel!



Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712104