Adios, Golden Chestnut - Black Horse Ranch SR - Shrinky

Adios, Golden Chestnut - Black Horse Ranch SR - Shrinky


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Adios was made in two Special Run colors for Black Horse Ranch (and possibly a few other mail-order retailers) in 1987.  One was this handsome golden chestnut.  He wears four socks and an airbrushed bald face.  Only 1000 were made, making him scarcer than most Breyerfest Special Runs these days.

Other than his shrinky status, he is Near Mint with a little dirty/dusty spot on top of his rump that should clean off with a bath, tiny eartip rubs, and a tiny blue spot under his belly that appears to be in the plastic itself.   His forelegs have bent inward slightly, but you can correct that with a warm hair dryer.  He is a rich golden color with flaxen mane and tail and bright whites.  I recommend displaying him on an open-air shelf to control the shrinking process. I have this series of SRs in my personal collection, and they have not noticeably changed in all these years, other than becoming a bit shorter than their brothers.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410251

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