Adios ~ Yellow Mount w/ Cardboard Box & Brochure


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Yellow Mount was a gorgeous red dun overo Paint Stallion owned by Stanley and Jodie Williamson of Iowa Park, Texas.  He was American Paint Horse Association Supreme Champion, excelling in Halter, Western Pleasure, and Racing... what a tough combo for any horse!  He is now the APHA leading sire, and the image of his face is the official logo of the APHA.  Breyer honored him with a tribute model on the Adios mold in 1970.  The release ran through 1987 with some changes to the markings over time.
(from a postcard sent by the Williamson family)

This fellow is Near Mint with only tiny ear tip rubs.  He may have his original owner's initials written on the bottom of his feet, invisible while on display.  He is the lightest I've seen - more of a soft cocoa powder color than the deep browns I usually see on this mold... which means he's truer to the real horse than most.  He features unpainted eye whites and beautiful muzzle pinking.  He comes with his original cardboard box and a 1984 brochure.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #51