Expensive Hobby and Al Dunning w/ Original Packaging (Sale supports Harvest Hills Animal Shelter)

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This is perhaps one of the finest, most detailed sculpts Breyer has ever produced.  Sculptor Marrita McMillian created this incredible portrait of AQHA star Expensive Hobby and his trainer Al Dunning.  Third in the Breyer porcelain Gallery series of Quarter Horse legends produced in conjunction with the American Quarter Horse Association, Expensive Hobby won world titles in both Cow Horse and Reining, and in 1980 he and Al received one of the highest reining scores ever awarded.  This powerful depiction of the team shows Expensive Hobby performing his trademark sliding stop, hindquarters deep under him and dirt flying.  Al sits motionless above, allowing the horse to be the star of the show.  The statue was available only from 2000-2002

The detail in this piece goes beyond the muscling, ripples of fabric and Al's eye glasses (!) to the amazing paint job.  It brings the many textures to life, from the horse's smooth hide to his "leather" skid boots, saddle blanket and beaded reins.  You can almost FEEL this piece with your eyes, and you'll find that everyone who sees it spends a long time staring, soaking in the gorgeous textures, colors, and movement.

This gorgeous piece is in Factory Mint condition and comes with all its original packaging and paperwork.  Included is the hardwood base with brass name plaque (in its original cardboard package), COA, warning to remove carefully from the package, cello wrap, Styrofoam inserts, original picture box and even the outer cardboard shipping box!  This is a truly magnificent collector's item and will be a treasure in your collection for years to come!

This model was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and proceeds from its sale will help the shelter care for dogs and kitties in need.  Thanks for your support!


Size: approximately Classic size

Manufacturer's Model #8102