Amber ~ Leah's Fancy Breyer - Breyerfest SR - 4 available!


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When Paint Horse Leah's Fancy Chick was invited to Breyerfest 2000 as that year's Celebration Horse, she was due to foal.  Just weeks before the event, Chick gave birth to a healthy, adorable buckskin pinto filly.  The filly's name was chosen via a contest, and the winning name was appropriately:  Leah's Fancy Breyer.  Since she was something of a last-minute surprise to the folks at Breyer, 4,400 of her dam's celebration model were made, but only between 2,000 and 2,600 of the foal were produced for the event.  While her mom was given to each 3-day ticket holder, she was sold separately.  She came in a clear plastic bag with a sticker that simply said "BF $35.00" since she didn't have an official name yet.  This is a hard-to-find release for the mold because of all this, and a pretty one, too.

With so few made, we were absolutely amazed to be sent not just one, but FOUR Leah's Fancy Breyer models from one of our consignors!  Two are still in their original plastic bags from the event.  The other two have been removed from their bags for display.  Each is being sold individually... Choose your favorite(s) for your collection!  Inspection reports for each follow:

#1 Near Mint with a pinpoint rub on her left shoulder and a few specks in her plastic as usual.  She features highlights in her colored areas, dark shading around her tail with its adorable white tail tip, and black eartips, plus painted chestnuts and striped feet.  (No packaging.)

#2 Near Mint with just a pinpoint eartip rub.  Her shading around the base of her tail is a little off-center.  She features painted chestnuts, striped feet, and black eartips.  her photos have been sent to to become reference pictures for this release.  (No packaging.)

#3 Factory Mint, still in her Breyerfest plastic bag!  Breyerfest sticker is attached to the back of the bag near the bottom.

#4 Factory Mint, still in her Breyerfest plastic bag!  Breyerfest sticker is attached to the front of the bag by her face.  There are some marks on the bag - No marks are on the horse.  This model's photo has been sent to as a reference for this release in its original packaging.

Photos are each labeled with the # assigned above.  Photo of her dam is for reference only.  Chick is for sale separately here, if still available.


Size:  Traditional

Model #710600