American Saddlebred, Bay Appaloosa


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This pretty bay Appy on the G2 American Saddlebred mold was part of the Western Horse and Rider set in 2015 only.  She wears the grey hind feet and slightly soft edges of her body markings that denote this release (and seem to differentiate  it from the very similar #5979).

This mare is Near Mint with a few pinpoint rubs under her right flank at the edge of her blanket so it almost looks like part of her pattern, and a tiny body-paint smudge under her belly.  The remainder of the white specks are dust... This box of models came in with dust and lots of static.. It seems the more we dusted them, the more dust they found!  A nice rinse under tap water should solve that problem for you.  She's a pretty girl with his grey hind feet and pale buff front ones.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #6200