American Saddlebred, Dappled Buckskin - DAH 2012

Peter Stone

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This guy is why Peter Stone is so successful!  This Design-A-Horse Saddlebred is a magnificent piece with all the tiny details that add realism to their models.  He is an exquisite dappled buckskin with three socks, a star, and a tiny, adorable snip.

This fellow is Near Mint with a 1/4" rub and a couple of tiny grey marks on his left barrel.  There's a tiny tail tip rub where his tail touches the ground, invisible while he's standing.  Otherwise, he is stunning, with gorgeous sooty shading along the back of his rump and on his face, with dark eartips, striped front foot, and lovely subtle dapples.  He has "DAH 2012" written under his belly and a beautifully realistic satin finish.  He's ready to photo show right now, or with just a little bit of work, you could get back into the live show ring.  He is one that will have people flocking to the ringside to admire him!


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)