American Saddlebred ~ Cowboy

Peter Stone

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We're kicking off a series of Peter Stone model listings with this stunning glossy sorrel Saddlebred.  Cowboy is a portrait of the handsome fellow owned by Phil and Norine Smith, who ran Smithfield Stables, Inc. He is a rich chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, three socks and a stripe.  Beyond being a single-year release, the production number and model number for this guy are unknown.  He is listed on simply as # SR2011 for his year of creation.  He was available in both matte and glossy versions.

This fellow is Factory Mint and features lovely attention to detail.  He has beautfiully painted eyes with eyeliner and grey shading around them, well-blended muzzle pinking, and subtly shaded mane and tail.  The picture of his tail is included so you can truly appreciate the subtle shading.  His glossy finish makes him look like a fine porcelain and adds to his elegance!


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: "SR2011"