American Saddlebred, Dapple Grey - Factory Oopsie?

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This pretty mare was only made from 2001-2003.  She is a dappled rose grey with two hind socks and a star.

She is Near Mint with just a pinpoint unpainted spot on the underside of her tail!  She also has very slight yellowing which you could correct by letting her sunbathe for a day or two.  That said, the factory did something unusual with her - I have to assume it was the factory, as it appears to be under her coat color.  While her right side is warm grey as you would expect, with rosy coloring, her right side is almost mouse grey, as if it has golden undertones, and indeed, in her dapples you can see a dark gold undercoat.  It's quite unusual, and doesn't extend to her socks or her star, so it's definitely not post-production yellowing.  She may be a variation or a factory oopsie!


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #1616