American Saddlebred Palomino Pinto, Glossy - JC Penney Parade of Breeds II


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This charismatic fellow is a Palomino pinto on the Little Bits Saddlebred mold.  He wears a  star and bold pinto markings.  He was only made for JC Penney's Holiday Catalog as part of their Parade of Breeds Collector's Set II.

He is in Very Good condition with a blue mark on his tail seam, a few black specks of eye paint overspray, and an area of whiter plastic showing on his withers and back.  None are serious.  He wears a glossy finish that really brings out his color!

Other models from this set, if still available, are listed separately and can be found by searching their mold names or "parade".


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #719051