American Saddlebred, Sorrel Pinto


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The G1 ASB wore this sorrel pinto coat as just as single-year release in 1998.  It looks good on him, so the reason for his short run may well have been that he was accidentally re-assigned the same model number as the original bay on this mold, which could cause confusion in Breyer's records (and with collectors).  Whatever the cause, the short run has made this guy very hard to find... As of writing this listing, none have been listed on eBay in at least three months!

This fellow is in Excellent condition with only a hairline scratch on his left barrel, but moderate yellowing.  You should be able to correct that by letting him sunbathe for a while and end up with a handsome, hard-to-find model.  He features navy on turquoise ribbons, well masked markings, and a matte finish.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5002