Andalusian Family - Original Release with / Carry Case

Andalusian Family - Original Release with / Carry Case


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The original release on the Classic Andalusian Stallion, Mare and Foal, which were sold as the Classic Andalusian Family, discontinued in 1993.  The set includes an alabaster stallion, dapple grey mare, and chestnut foal.

Stallion is Factory Mint with some pinpoint specks of grey overspray.  He features both grey and pink shaded hooves and muzzle. 

Mare is Factory Mint with some black specks of shading overspray.  She features a shaded rump and a neat dappling pattern:  one side has tons of big dapples, while her other side has fewer and smaller ones, so you can choose the look you like best! 

Their foal is Factory Mint with a patch of darker brown on the front of his raised foreleg (mane and tail paint). He features noticeably darker mane and tail than his body color, and bright whites.  They even come with their original carry case box which is in Excellent condition with no tears.  It includes its original plastic handle.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #3060

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