Andalusian Foal, Factory Unpainted (Factory Escapee)

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The Classic Andalusian Foal was never officially sold as unpainted "whiteware," but we have one for you!   This guy was a factory escapee and possibly a cull before painting.  That makes him a rare pony, indeed!

He has the usual specks in his plastic and also an open seam from halfway up his mane down to about halfway down his face.  He was in the collection of our consignor for at least 25 years, so we can say we're sure that seam isn't going to change... It looks like it didn't fully seal at the factory and that may be why he was never painted.  Because of its position, it doesn't show on normal display, so he'll make a spectacular, very unusual addition to your collection!  I can't imagine there are more than a handful of these out in the world... I know we've never seen another.  His photos have been sent to Identify Your so he could also become "famous" if published there.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #none