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Andalusian Stallion, Spanish Norman Family - Collectors Edition


  • $1795

The Classic Andalusian Stallion, Ginger, and the Classic Andalusian Foal were partnered in this special Collectors Edition release, available in 1994 only.  Breyer chose great colors for these models, with the Stallion done in red roan, the mare in white, and the foal as a grey with black points.

This set came to me New In Box.  However, the box was in pretty rough shape, so I removed them and discarded it.  This is a benefit to you, as now they've each been thoroughly inspected!

This handsome guy is Near Mint with just a pinpoint rub on his left jaw.  He is a beautiful color with tiny speckles and lots of shading.

The mare and foal from the set, if still available are being sold separately here:  Mare, Ginger  Andalusian Foal


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #700294