Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale Mare and Foal

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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Anheuser Busch, recognizing the appeal of their famous Clydesdales, created a short series of resin sculptures in 1997.  Each depicts an actual member(s) of the Budweiser Clydesdale herd.  They were incredibly well-made, with great attention to detail, and offered in limited quantities, with each piece hand-numbered.  In this set, we see the mare Rose with her colt America trotting at liberty along the fence at Grant's Farm, in St. Louis, Missouri, where they live.

This piece is Near Mint with the only issue being one missing felt pad under the base.  There are a couple of pinpoint specks of missing paint, but I believe it was part of the production process.  The detailing on these sculptures is incredible:  The texture of the horses' coats, their muscling, and their feathers are all well done.  The base is just as detailed, with layers of grass and a worn path, as you'd expect to see along the fence-line of a paddock.  Tiny orange flowers and vines growing up the wooden fence look as they would at Grant's Farm, where this scene is set.  Both horses have expressive faces and lovely shading.  The piece is hand-numbered on its base, and appears to be the very low number 0644.  It comes complete with its original packaging, brochure and CoA.


Size: approximately 6" high

Manufacturer's Model #CLYD4

[Note:  Resins are much heavier than plastic models, so shipping weight will reflect this.]