Anheuser-Busch "Pals" Clydesdale and Dalmation

Anheuser Busch

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Anheuser Busch, recognizing the appeal of their famous Clydesdales, created a short series of cold cast porcelain sculptures in 1997.  Each depicts an actual member(s) of the Budweiser Clydesdale herd.  They were incredibly well-made, with great attention to detail, and offered in limited quantities, with each piece hand-numbered.  This set shows champion stallion Winston with his dalmatian friend Annie, enjoying a special bond on a peaceful day.

This piece is Near Mint with the only issue being one missing felt pad under the base.  The horse has a couple of pinpoint specks of missing paint, but I believe it was part of the production process.  The detailing on these sculptures is incredible.  The horse Winston wears painted shoes that even show nail heads.  He is secured in his stall with a rope fastened to his halter.  On the opposite pillar, a chain hangs down, probably half of a set of cross-ties for the barn.  Even his food bucket appears to have something in it. This is a piece that will melt the hearts of every animal lover.

This set is hand-numbered under the base and comes in its original packaging, including its COA booklet. 


Size: approximately 6" high

Manufacturer's Model #CLYD2

[Note:  Cold-cast porcealins are much heavier than plastic models, so shipping weight will reflect this.]