Appaloosa and Cantering Foal ~ Pinto Horse and Foal Set - Variation!


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The Appaloosa mold, often used in non-spotted releases, made an appearance in this set as a lovely grulla / blue roan pinto.  He is accompanied in this release by a bay pinto cantering foal, making both a colorful and fun pair!  They were only available from 2003-2005.

This set has never been removed from the package.  The foal's tail is half brown, half black.  He has adorably shaded face. 

Variation:  I hadn't noticed until I was writing the listing, but it appears that the grulla's eyes (or at least the one facing the camera), are unpainted.  He is missing the black head shading typical of this release, making him really stand out from others!


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #59983