Arabian, Bay - Loza Electrica

Loza Electrica

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Loza Electrica had an unfortunately short run in the model-making business.  Started in 1992 by the grandson of Maxine Renaker (the founder of Hagen-Renaker, but not affiliated with that company), it operated in Mexico, creating lovely equine sculpts in ceramic.  The company went out of business in 1998, making their pieces hard to find and highly sought-after today, commanding high prices.  The beautiful Arabian sculpt is one of their most celebrated pieces.  The week spot in the piece is its attachment to its base, and when you are lucky enough to come across one, it will most likely be detached from the base, or completely base-less.

This particular model was purchased at Breyerfest by its consignor.  He is Near Mint with no condition issues other than that he has separated from his base.  This hasn't affected the horse at all, but tiny, hoof-shaped areas on the base are missing their paint.  It would be easy to reattach him, or leave him as-is.  He stands just fine on his own, and as stated above, many of those still in collections today are displayed off-base.  He is a lovely shaded bay with a white stripe and tiny eye whites.  He features exquisite shading and a beautiful glossy finish.  His base still wears its Hencho en Mexico sticker underneath, but it had started to come off so his previous owner put a bit of clear tape over it to hold it.

Size: 5.5" tall